Makeover Monday: Personalizing a Matching Big Box Bedroom Set

Storywood Designs Painting a Big Box furniture Store Dresser

This makeover and update has been one of my favorites to have been a part of.  I love it not because the piece we painted was a priceless antique or family heirloom.  I love it not because the piece had gorgeous and unique lines or hardware and it spoke to me.  I love it because my client found an image on Pinterest and it inspired her… and instead of racing out and buying something new that would look like her inspiration picture (and cost a fortune), she had the vision to work with what she had.

Storywood Designs Painting a Big Box furniture Store Dresser

What my client had to work with was a matching bedroom set purchased years ago from a big-box furniture store.  You know what I’m talking about… the stores that sell 7 piece matching bedroom sets.  Everything matches… down to the lamps.  These sets are great and are workhorses, but they lack individual style and personality.  This particular set included a bed and 2 dressers.  While my client’s furniture lacked the style she was looking for, it had all the functionality she needed… and was in great condition.

Storywood Designs Big Box Painted Dresser Makeover

source: Simple Details Blog

My client sent me this picture that she wanted to use as a jumping off point for her dresser makeover, asking if it could be accomplished.  I felt like it could and I’m proud of her because she was brave enough to take the plunge and follow her vision.  I was honored that she trusted me to make the transformation.

Storywood Designs Painting a Big Box furniture Store Dresser

I pulled the color swatch that the inspiration image was painted, but in person, we felt that the color was different than the picture online represented.  So, I took the Pinterest image to my local Benjamin Moore store.  I knew I wanted to use Benjamin Moore Advance paint on the dresser.  It’s an amazing Alkyd paint created by Benjamin Moore… and is water based paint with oil based properties.  I knew that the Advance paint would give us the high shine, glossy look we wanted and would harden to a tough finish that resists chips and scratches.

Storywood Designs Painting a Big Box furniture Store Dresser

After much deliberation with the my favorite color expert at the paint store, I settled on Aruba Blue as a close match to the Pinterest image and headed out with a quart of it.  A couple of coats of primer and only 2 coats of the Advance paint, and the dresser was already looking light years different than what it started as.

Storywood Designs Painting a Big Box furniture Store Dresser

In order to minimize costs, we decided to spray the existing hardware on the dresser.  The existing knobs had a unique way of attaching to the dresser drawers and functioned perfectly.  So, what started as a brushed nickel knob became an antique gold one.  Each knob was primed with automotive primer, sprayed gold, sealed and then topped with a bit of Rub n’ Buff to tone the shine down just a bit.

Storywood Designs Painting a Big Box furniture Store Dresser

My client also wanted to use her existing mirror with the repainted dresser, but she wanted to change the color to mimic the gold mirror in her inspiration picture.  To prevent the mirror from looking too shiny and finished… to give it a more antiqued gold look, I applied Rub n’ Buff to it as well, working in sections until the entire frame was transformed.

Storywood Designs Painting a Big Box furniture Store Dresser

My client wasted no time in styling the newly painted dresser and mirror.  It looks amazing – everything from the bold new color, to the newly gold knobs, the the accessories and details she added on its top.  It’s a total transformation from what it once was… and it completely transforms the room.



  1. Kelly Kelly says:

    beautiful as always, Holly!!! and so inspiring…..I’ve been toying with the idea of new furniture in our master because our existing big box set is black; and it doesn’t matter how much I dust if you know what I mean :) I’m going to paint at some point :) just don’t know what kind of paint yet or finish I’m going for……

  2. Susan says:

    Wow! What an amazing transformation! It came out fabulous. Is she going to have the rest of the pieces painted?

  3. cassie says:

    WOW what a difference! love the color combo and hardware!

  4. claire says:

    beautiful, Holly!!!!


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