Project Take-Back-My-Master-Bedroom

Do y’all know that it’s been nine (9!!) years since we had a “real” bed?  Nine years ago, we sold the mission style bed that Mike purchased several years before we were married.  My plan was to put an upholstered headboard in its place.  You know what they say about best laid plans… long story short, life got in the way.    The past nine years have brought 2 little boys into our lives and two little boy rooms to decorate with them.  The past nine years brought a move to a new house and more important rooms to focus on.  The past nine years brought a big career change for Mike and bigger priorities for us to focus on than making a relaxing and peaceful place for us to sleep.  And so, it was easy to let the master bedroom sit, on the back burner, with its hodge podge of furniture and bedding… it was easy to let it become the land of misfit belongings in our home.

Storywood Designs Master Bedroom Makeover Preview

Christmas and my birthday fall back to back and this year my wonderful parents and in-laws gifted Mike and I with gift cards to spend on ourselves… for something we wanted.  I knew what I wanted to put my gift cards towards… our master bedroom.  The master bedroom was on my list of home projects to accomplish in 2014, but it was way down the priority list, because it was a want, not a must-do room.  But when you consider home projects that I wanted to accomplish… that master bedroom makeover was at the top of the list!  After nine years of waiting, it was finally time to take back our master bedroom and make it a space we want to spend time in and retreat to at the end of the day.

Storywood Designs Master Bedroom Makeover Preview

It’s taken a few months to put it all together (a good project for our long, dark winter) and I have a few, very last minute details to deal with this week, but to say that I’ve loved seeing our bedroom come back together is a huge understatement.  So, to celebrate finally being finished, I’m dedicating this week on the blog to Project “Take Back My Master Bedroom”… a story of the journey to reclaim the master bedroom and make it ours again.   All week long, I’ll sharing some of the things I did to get the bedroom I wanted on the budget I had to work with.

Storywood Designs Master Bedroom Makeover Preview

So, be sure to back by tomorrow to see what our room looks like now and check back during the week for the details on all the master bedroom projects!



  1. loving the peeks! it is going to look amazing! good for you!

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