My Master Bedroom Bed | A Perfect Blend of Splurge, Save and DIY

Thanks for all your kind words about my master bedroom makeover!  I really am thrilled with the results and am so enjoying the space.  If you missed yesterday’s tour, you can find it here.


The bed was by far, the biggest piece of my makeover budget.  I think that almost 80% of the total budget went towards items on the bed.  Why?  Well, while we have wooden furniture pieces galore in this house, we’ve slept on a mattress, box springs and simple metal bedframe for nine years.   For nine years, we’ve used spare coverlets, quilts and blankets as our bed linens.  In undertaking this makeover, I wanted the bed to be the centerpiece of our room and for that to happen, I needed to be willing to put a major chunk of my budget towards it.  To create the bed I imagined in my head, I needed to carve room in the budget for:

  1. An Upholstered Headboard
  2. A Bedskirt
  3. A quilt/coverlet
  4. A duvet cover
  5. Pillow Shams
  6. Accent Pillows

It was a tall order to fill and a lot of expensive items to fit into a fairly meager budget.  I made things worse by poring over Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn catalogs looking for inspiration.  What I wanted was something like this…

Storywood Designs Upholstered Headboard Bedskirt DIY Details

Source: Cote de Texas Blog

… but according to my favorite catalogs and websites, it would cost me almost $2000 to achieve it.  Not.gonna.happen.  In the end, I was able to accomplish what I set out to do… to create a calm, peaceful and inviting bed on the budget I had to work with.   I did it by splurging on a few items, getting a steal on a few others and DIY-ing a couple of items well outside my do-it-yourself comfort zone.

This is a lengthy post, so I apologize in advance, but am hoping that this will answer the questions I’ve had about the bed.  If I miss something, let me know and I’ll be sure to answer!

Storywood Designs Upholstered Headboard Bedskirt DIY Details

1. An upholstered headboard was first on my list for the bedroom.  I scoured every website imaginable to find something that had the shape I wanted, but everything I loved was well out of my price range.  This was one area that I didn’t want to compromise.  I wanted something hefty and tall and wanted a headboard that I could attach directly to my existing bedframe vs. having to attach it to the wall.  Ballard had a headboard I loved, but at $900 before shipping, it was out of the question.  Overstock had headboards in my price range, but they looked short and it bothered me that they just cut off at the mattress.  On top of that, I felt strongly that I wanted the headboard and bedskirt to have matching linen fabric.  So, out of options to give me what I wanted, I turned to DIY.  I’d never upholstered a headboard and was very hesitant to do it myself.  But I found a wonderful tutorial online (picture heavy, which is what I need) and realized that I could create something with the shape, heft, height and fabric I wanted for about $80.  I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, so I won’t post a headboard tutorial here… but if you’re looking for a well written tutorial, this is the one I used.  It was great, self explanatory and easy to follow.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer!

Storywood Designs Upholstered Headboard Bedskirt DIY Details

2.  The bedskirt… Oh, the bedskirt.  I could write an entire post on the saga of the bedskirt.  I’ve had my heart set on a pleated linen bedskirt with an 18″ drop for over a year.  I’ve had my heart set on that bedskirt matching my upholstered linen headboard.  To be completely honest, that linen headboard and matching bedskirt were the items that every other item in this room was built around.  But once I priced the bedskirt out, I was in sticker shock.  Because I wanted a very full, pleated bedskirt and because I wanted my bedskirt to match my headboard, I would have to have it custom made.  But custom made bedskirts were not in my bedroom makeover budget.  So, once again, I had to DIY it, not by choice but by necessity.

Now, I am not a seamstress and my previous attempts at bedskirts have been quite laughable.  I scoured the internet looking for another amazing tutorial like I found for the headboard, but this time, I had no such luck.  And so I built off the bedskirt mistakes of my past, and successfully sewed a pleated linen bedskirt with an 18″ drop.  I got my linen on sale at Joann’s and had my other supplies on hand.  I estimate that fabric included, I spent about $80 on creating the bedskirt.  Not a total steal, but a far cry from the $250 a custom-made skirt would have cost me and much more friendly to my budget!  I have thought about attempting to put a tutorial for the bedskirt together since it really wasn’t that difficult and anyone with basic sewing skills would be able to accomplish it.

Storywood Designs Upholstered Headboard and Linen Bedskirt DIY

3.  Surprisingly, the quilt was my splurge.  I love that it’s slightly tufted, making it a little more substantial and a little heavier than other quilts I’ve seen.  I love that it’s made of linen and I love the simple diamond pattern and banding around its edges. I’ve had my eye on this Pottery Barn diamond tufted quilt for over a year and waited and waited for it to go on sale.  But it didn’t.  And so, one day not long after this makeover started, I caved.  I drove to Pottery Barn and dropped more on a quilt than I’ve ever dropped on anything for a bed in this house before.  It wasn’t a impulse buy and it was something I’d carved out room in my budget for, but I’m not going to lie… I had heart palpitations and guilt afterwards.  While it took a big chunk out of my budget, but I looked and looked for more affordable alternatives and couldn’t find something I wanted.  The quilt is white and machine washable (a number one requirement for all my bedding) and so far has held up well in my house full of boys.

Storywood Designs Upholstered Headboard LInen Bedskirt Ikea Buffalo Check Duvet

4.  The duvet cover was my huge save.  I had my heart set on linen and buffalo checks in the room.  I’d pored over fabric websites looking for buffalo checked fabric and found some last week at Calico Corners.  It wasn’t machine washable and at $22.95/yard, it wasn’t terribly expensive but it wasn’t incredibly budget friendly (especially after my quilt purchase).  I wanted buffalo checks so badly that I was willing to overlook my “must be machine washable” rule.   I figured that I had enough in my budget to buy the fabric for two pillow shams and down the road I could look at having a duvet cover made.  But then, fate stepped in.  I found myself in Ikea unexpectedly and ran across their duvet sets wandering through the store.  I remembered they had a buffalo checked duvet but the color had always seemed “off” to me.  I went to take a closer look at one of the duvet sets and again, the color wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.  But as I picked up another duvet set, I realized that it was a little darker, a little more “linen” looking… I don’t know if the sets were dyed in different lots or at different times, but it didn’t matter.  The duvet set was almost identical to the fabric I planned to order… it was machine washable… it included the duvet cover and 2 pillow shams… and it was $39.99!  I was so excited that I practically danced to the check out.

Storywood Designs Master Bedroom Makeover Preview

5.  The pillow shams on the bed are just the buffalo checked ones that came with the Ikea Duvet.  The euro shams are Pottery Barn ones that I bought with birthday money last year, but they did still have them in the store when I bought my quilt.  I’m hoping to get the euro shams monogrammed in the near future.

Storywood Designs Upholstered Headboard Bedskirt DIY Details

6.  I definitely wanted the room to be neutral and not too feminine but all that linen left the room in need of a bit of color.  I found a fabric I loved at Mill Outlet Village here in Raleigh.  It was a bit of a splurge, but I loved the soft combination of the taupe, gray and coral and since I only needed a bit of it, the price per yard didn’t sting too badly.  The fabric is a little girly without being overwhelmingly so.  I was able to get three simple pillows out of the two yards I purchased with enough left over for another one down the road.   Doing the sewing myself allowed me to splurge a little on the fabric and pick something that I really loved.

And there you have it… all the details about our master bedroom bed.  Whew… that’s a lot of information!  Thanks for sticking with me to the end.  This bed makeover is defintely proof that you don’t have to blow your budget to get a look you love.


  1. looking at your bed and bedding is almost a mirror image of the one i’m doing in one of my guest rooms. i’m DIY-ing a headboard myself and need to finish covering it and adding nail heads..seeing yours has hopefully given me the drive to do it. i got my duvet and shams at ikea too! just a little note about your quilt and shams, i ordered a set very similar to yours from for our master bedroom (which is also very similar to yours) and for our king size bed i paid under $100 for the set! so i ordered another set for the full/queen set in the above mentioned guest room and now that i’m re-doing another bedroom, plan on ordering the same set again. it washes up beautifully and i’m very happy with the quilt/coverlet set.

    you did a beautiful job on your room and should be very proud. i’m off to look at the headboard tutorial!

  2. WOW Holly you are so incredibly talented girl! Your headboard and bed skirt are gorgeous!!! After making those yourself you should feel no guilt whatsoever about buying that quilt! We do have the same one and shams too. I have to admit I felt a little guilt too with the quilt at the check out line, but it was so worth it as it washes beautifully and is soooo soft and cozy. I found the shams on ebay because the king size was sold out. I am loving your duvet, what a great find! You have created such a beautiful room : )

  3. love love love the Buffalo checks!

  4. It’s absolutely beautiful, and what a clever girl you are to find shortcuts for saving $$$!!! I recovered a huge kingsize fabric headboard once and it was like a Lucy episode. I wanted to do it by myself to surprise my husband, but I came very close to him coming home and finding me pinned under the thing!

    Your colors are soothing and peaceful. Great job!

  5. Oh Holly, your bedroom is beautiful and you certainly did lots of research to make you room so beautiful on a budget…I think you did the right thing on splurging on the coverlet!…I have that Ikea checked fabric and love it too…I am off to Mill Outlet today to look for accent fabric to go with that same Ikea check!…Have a great weekend!!!..

  6. This is so pretty! What a great story on where to splurge and save. You’re very talented!


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