Big Changes in the Works

Two years ago, I started my furniture refinishing business, Storywood Designs, and created this website to show refurbished furniture pieces, to give clients a place to see my work and get in touch and to create a presence for my company in the online world.  I’ve been so blessed with the way my business has grown… blessed to work with amazing clients who have become friends and friends who have trusted my work enough to become clients.  I’ve been blessed to be able to create a business based on something I’m passionate about… using pieces passed down through family and through time in your own home, giving those pieces your own style along the way.

What I didn’t expect when I started this journey was that I would fall in love with blogging just for the sake of blogging.  I’ve loved connecting with my readers… and am still in awe of the fact that people are out there reading and responding to words that I’ve written.  As time passed, I found myself branching out on this blog more and more… moving away from furniture posts and writing more about other things I’m passionate about… home design and decor, good food, living life in the South and creating a happy home.  It’s truly become an outlet and a source of pure enjoyment for me.

But, as my business and my blog has grown, I’ve found myself at a crossroads.   Continue down the path of writing what I want to write about and I end up cluttering my online business presence with things that have nothing to do with refurbished furniture.  Stick to painted and refinished furniture pieces and stifle the part of blogging that I truly enjoy for myself.   What to do, what to do…

And so, after much thought and consideration these last few weeks… considering what’s best for the future of my business and my love of blogging, I’ve decided to make some changes…. good changes, but changes none the less!

This blog, Storywood Designs, will revert back to what it started out to be.  It will focus on furniture… furniture makeovers I’ve completed, furniture trends in the design world and different ways to use different pieces of furniture in your home.  It will also document kitchen makeovers and changes I’ve completed.  Storywood Designs, the website, will focus on supporting Storywood Designs, the business.  What does that mean for you as a reader?  Well, if you’re here for my furniture pieces, nothing changes for you.  But if you like following along on my own journey to make a house a home… if you like reading the entries when I venture off of furniture, into things like outdoor living and design ideas I love and enjoy, well…

I invite you to check out my new blog!  Five Fifteen and Change is my place in the blog world for me.  A place with no agenda other than to chronicle my love of all things home, good southern living and my quest to create a happy home for me and my family.

Both blogs will be updated regularly… Storywood Designs will showcase furniture pieces I do for clients and for myself.  Five Fifteen and Change will detail how I used some of those refinished furniture pieces in my own home and venture off into other areas of life at home that interest me.  I envision both blogs linking back to the other regularly… one may start a story and the other may finish it.  Other times, each blog may discuss topics having nothing to do with each other.  But both give me the ability to keep my passions alive, but separate and organized.

So, I hope you’ll join me for the journey on Five Fifteen and Change… and I hope you’ll continue to look for updates on furniture pieces here on Storywood Designs… the adventure in both places is just beginning!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting! I’ll be with you – can’t wait to read BOTH! xoxo

  2. What a fun new change! I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

  3. Holly,

    Congratulations and good for you! I have let my blog slide to the wayside as I just am trying to survive without a job. My love of crafting has become my only source of making money right now, so the blog just sits there.

    I am have you have decided not to give up any one thing. You should pursue all that you love and what interests you and makes you happy. One thing that I have learned during this personal trial is that loving what you do, especially as you get older, is pretty darn important!

    Best wishes to you and I look forward to reading both of your blogs!!


  4. Holly- this sounds fantastic! I am in awe of your drive and ambition to maintain 2 blogs (as i struggle to update just 1!). I’ll be here cheering for both! Looking forward to following along.

  5. Wow, that is quite an undertaking! I have considered the same thing but realized that I can’t keep up with one blog (my blog “broke” in November and I haven’t had a chance to fix it!)

    off to check out your new one :) Good luck with your new adventure, you will totally be able to rock both!

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