Makeover Monday… The Game Table

Storywood Designs ASCP Game Table

Several weeks ago, I received a piece from Sherry, a Raleigh-area designer I’ve done quite a bit of work for.  It was an old leather-topped square mahogany table with a pedestal base.  The table was structurally sound and the leather top was in good condition, but this designer envisioned a different look for her client’s space… and that is how the table found its way to me.

Storywood Designs ASCP Game Table

I’m a visual person and when working on pieces for clients, it’s always helpful to have a tangible image of what that client is trying to achieve on a piece of furniture.  Most of my clients point me in the direction of a pin on Pinterest or a link to an image on a website.  Pieces from Sherry are always fun because she often gives me inspiration images in the form of a magazine page, torn out and dog-eared for reference.  Those images force me to use my imagination to mix colors and create finishes… there are no details and step by step instructions that you often find on a website.  It’s challenging to work with and rewarding when you finally get the look you set out to achieve.

Storywood Designs ASCP Game Table

Sherry gave me the image above as inspiration for her game table.  She wanted to keep the leather top but wanted to create an antiqued and aged finish with warm yellow undertones.  To get a look similar to her inspiration image, I mixed Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antique White and Arles and created a soft butter yellow color to use as my base.  Once the color was dry, I liberally applied a deep brown glaze over paint, making sure to work into all the crevices and textures in the paint.  The entire piece was sealed with clear wax and I added more dark wax to areas to age it even more and a touch of Rub ‘n Buff to the base.

Storywood Designs ASCP Game Table

Storywood Designs ASCP Game Table

Storywood Designs ASCP Game Table

With that, it was complete… ready for its new home, ready for the puzzles, games, friends and companionship that gathering around a game table brings.  In fact, working on this game table gave me lots of time to ponder gaming and its effect on our family… and you can read my thoughts on that over at five fifteen and change.

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  1. i love this- such a classic!

  2. Love the table Holly and congratulations on the new blog, can’t wait to check it out! Have a great week : )

  3. Love it, too! The shape, the color, the aging all work so well together!

  4. I usually hate to see nice furniture painted, but this honestly looks so much better after your re-do! Great job!

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